Sec 149 - Jurisdiction of the court

 149. Jurisdiction of the court.—
(1) The court shall have jurisdiction under this Act over every debtor and in regard to the estate of every debtor who—

(a) on the date on which a petition for the acceptance of the surrender or for the sequestration of his estate is lodged with the registrar of the court, is domiciled or owns or is entitled to property situate within the jurisdiction of the court; or

(b) at any time within twelve months immediately preceding the lodging of the petition ordinarily resided or carried on business within the jurisdiction of the court:

Provided that when it appears to the court equitable or convenient that the estate of a person domiciled in a State which has not been designated in terms of section 2 of the Cross-Border Insolvency Act, 2000 (Act No. 42 of 2000), should be sequestrated by a court outside the Republic, or that the estate of a person over whom it has jurisdiction be sequestrated by another court within the Republic, the court may refuse or postpone the acceptance of the surrender or the sequestration.

(2) The court may rescind or vary any order made by it under the provisions of this Act.


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