Sec 133 - Concealment of liabilities or pretext to existence of assets

133. Concealment of liabilities or pretext to existence of assets.—
An insolvent shall be guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years if, within two years immediately preceding the sequestration of his estate, when making any statement either verbally or in writing in regard to his business, property or affairs to any person who was then his creditor or to any person who became his creditor on the faith of such a statement, he concealed any liability, present or future, certain or contingent, which he may then have contracted, or failed to disclose the full extent of his liability or mentioned, as if it were an asset, any right or property which at the time was not an asset, or represented that he had more assets than he in fact had or made any false statement in regard to the amount, quality or value of his assets, or in any way concealed or disguised or attempted to conceal or disguise any loss which he had sustained, or gave any incorrect amount thereof, unless it is proved that he had good reason to believe that the said statement was correct in every respect and that he was not concealing or failing to disclose or disguising any relevant fact.

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