Sec 126 - Fact to be declared by way of affidavit

126. Facts to be averred on application for rehabilitation.—

In support of an application for his rehabilitation, an insolvent shall submit his affidavit that he has made a complete surrender of his estate and has not granted or promised any benefit whatever to any person or entered into any secret agreement with intent to induce his trustee or any creditor not to oppose the rehabilitation. Such affidavit shall include a statement of his assets and liabilities and of his earnings at the date of the application. Information shall also be laid before the court as to what dividend was paid to his creditors, what further assets in his estate are available for realization and the estimated value thereof, the total amount of all claims proved against his estate, and the total amount of his liabilities at the date of the sequestration of his estate. If application for rehabilitation is made pursuant to subsection (1) of section one hundred and twenty-four the insolvent shall set out the particulars of the composition and shall state whether there are or are not creditors whose claims against his estate have not been proved, and if there are such creditors, he shall state their names and addresses and particulars of their claims.


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