Sec 97 - Cost of sequestration

97. Cost of sequestration.—

(1) Thereafter any balance of the free residue shall be applied in defraying the costs of the sequestration of the estate in question with the exception of the costs mentioned in subsection (1) of section eighty-nine.

(2) The costs of the sequestration shall rank according to the following order of priority—

(a) the sheriff’s charges incurred since the sequestration;

(b) fees payable to the Master in connection with the sequestration;

(c) the following costs which shall rank pari passu and abate in equal proportions if necessary, that is to say: the taxed costs of sequestration (as defined in subsection (3)), the fee mentioned in section 16 (5), the remuneration of the curator bonis and of the trustee and all other costs of administration and liquidation including such costs incurred by the trustee in giving security for his proper administration of the estate as the Master considers reasonable, in so far as they are not payable by a particular creditor in terms of section 89 (1), any expenses incurred by the Master or by a presiding officer in terms of section 153 (2) and the salary or wages of any person who was engaged by the curator bonis or the trustee in connection with the administration of the insolvent estate.

(3) In paragraph (c) of subsection (2) the expression “taxed costs of sequestration” means the costs (as taxed by the registrar of the court) incurred in connection with the petition of the debtor for acceptance of the surrender of his estate or of a creditor for the sequestration of the debtor’s estate, but it does not include the costs of opposition to such a petition, unless the court directs that they shall be included.

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