Sec 60 - Removal of trustee by Master

60. Removal of trustee by Master.—
The Master may remove a trustee from his office on the ground—

(a) that he was not qualified for election or appointment as trustee or that his election or appointment was for any other reason illegal, or that he has become disqualified from election or appointment as a trustee or has been authorized, specially or under a general power of attorney, to vote for or on behalf of a creditor at a meeting of creditors of the insolvent estate of which he is the trustee and has acted or purported to act under such special authority or general power of attorney; or

(b) that he has failed to perform satisfactorily any duty imposed upon him by this Act or to comply with a lawful demand of the Master; or

(c) that he is mentally or physically incapable of performing satisfactorily his duties as trustee; or

(d) that the majority (reckoned in number and in value) of creditors entitled to vote at a meeting of creditors has requested him in writing to do so; or

(e) that, in his opinion, the trustee is no longer suitable to be the trustee of the estate concerned.

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