Sec 51 - Withdrawal of claim already proven

51. Withdrawal of claim already proved against estate.—
(1) A creditor who has proved a claim against an insolvent estate may withdraw his claim by registered letters addressed to the Master and to the trustee and the latter shall in writing notify the other creditors of the withdrawal:

Provided that the creditor so withdrawing his claim shall remain liable in terms of section one hundred and six for his pro rata share of the costs of sequestration and all costs lawfully incurred by the trustee in connection with the sequestration up to the time when he received the creditor’s letter of withdrawal.

(2) A creditor who has so withdrawn his claim may, by registered notice addressed to the Master and to the trustee, cancel his withdrawal, but if he does so, he shall not become liable for any costs in connection with the sequestration for which he was not liable at the time of cancellation and he shall not be entitled to any payment out of the estate in respect of his claim until all the other creditors who have proved their claims have been paid in full.

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