Sec 112 - Confirmation of trustee’s accounts

112. Confirmation of trustee’s accounts.—
When a trustee’s account has been open to inspection by creditors as hereinbefore prescribed and—

(a) no objection has been lodged; or

(b) an objection has been lodged and the account has been amended in accordance with the direction of the Master and has again been open for inspection if necessary as in paragraph (b) of subsection (2) of section one hundred and eleven prescribed and no application has been made to the court in terms of paragraph (a) of the said subsection (2) to set aside the Master’s decision; or

(c) an objection has been lodged but withdrawn or has not been sustained and the objector has not applied to the court in terms of the said paragraph (a), the Master shall confirm the account and his confirmation shall be final save as against a person who may have been permitted by the court before any dividend has been paid under the account, to re-open it.

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