What is your success rate?

We are proud to confirm that to date hereof, none of our rehabilitation applications have been refused.


In the past, some matters were postponed but eventually granted. The longest struggle we ever encountered was that of Ex parte Oosthuizen in 2011. It took almost 12 months to finalize due to various postponements. It should be noted that this application was initially opposed by the Master of the High Court as being contradictory to the judgement given in the 1991 case of Ex parte Van Wyk (which was considered to be correct and followed by all the High Courts and cited as such in all insolvency law literature at that point).


We were of the opinion that the Ex parte van Wyk judgement, which had been reported and cited for over 20 years, was factually wrong and eventually after a 12 month battle, Ex parte Oosthuizen was granted! It was reported and replaced Ex parte van Wyk as the correct verdict.


In short - we don't give up and follow through!





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