How to dispute credit listings & links

There are basically 3 major credit bureaus, who all deal with listings differently.

We have named them hereunder and provided the links to the relevant parts, explaining their process for:

1) Obtaining a FREE Credit Report from them;

2) Clearing your name by declaring a dispute on the listed credit information.

In most cases you will have to register as a client in order to obtain your annual free credit report.


Credit Report:


With regards to the abovementioned, you need to send an e-mail with supporting documentation (Sequestration Order, Rehabilitation Order, etc.)

ITC Transunion

Credit Report:


To lodge a dispute, complete the relevant fields and from the choices of  Default //  Judgement  //  Rescission (Rehab) // Account History/Payment Profile, etc., proceed to check "Account History/Payment Profile" and "Rescission (Rehab)"

Here follows an example of a reason:

"I dispute the Account History/Payment Profile as the accounts pre-date my sequestration. I was sequestrated on (insert date) under case nr.: (insert case number) in the (insert seat of High Court) High Court, (insert city) . I was subsequently rehabilitated on (insert date)  under case nr.: (insert case number)  and Section 129(1)(b) of the Insolvency Act therefore applies and the  Account History/Payment Profile should be cleared."

Proceed to submit. They will then inform you of documentation they require to proceed.


On this one, we could only find the following link:

However, they draw their listings from the other two and will eventually update their information automatically.

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